Here’s Why Ed Sheeran’s Not Writing On One Direction’s Next Album

'They can kind of do their own thing,' Ed told us.

One Direction and Ed Sheeran have teamed up for some memorable musical moments.

Ed has written songs on three out of their four albums, giving us some serious "Moments" on Up All Night. He then did it "Over Again" with his tear-inducing "Little Things" on Take Me Home and reminded us all of our first loves with "18" on FOUR.

So, will Ed be giving 1D his magic touch on their upcoming fifth album, Made In The A.M.? Unfortunately for all the Directioners and Sheerios, the answer is "no," but only because 1D have gotten so good at writing their own material.

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"They've gotten to a point where they know how to write songs," he told us. "Harry was 16 when I first met him...but now he's 21 and has written with everyone in the world and learned how to write songs, so they don't really need as much help anymore. They can kind of do their own thing."

We know that Harry has written for Ariana Grande and Meghan Trainor, but Ed said "everyone in the world," so did Ed just confirm that Harry has been writing songs under the name Mick Greenberg? Ummm...

Anyway, Ed actually had no intention of contributing to 1D's last album, but after writing "18," he didn't think it belonged to anyone else other than the group.

"I was in Denmark and I wrote it in my hotel bathroom and I was like, 'This sounds like a One Direction song," he said. "And I emailed it to them, and they were like, 'I really like it,' so it wasn't even me having to write a song. It was just like, I'll see what they think."

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