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One Direction Get Nostalgic With Ed Sheeran's Help On '18'

The fivesome release another track from FOUR.

One Direction aren't a group of teens anymore. In fact, on "18," the Ed Sheeran-penned song they released Tuesday (November 11), the guys are looking back on their teenage years and remembering when they first fell in love. The track is one of five they're releasing before FOUR drops on November 17, including yesterday's gift, "Where Do Broken Hearts Go."

Listen to One Direction's '18' now!

"I have loved you since we were 18/ Long before we both thought the same thing/ To love and to be loved," the guys sing, with Sheeran's signature strum leading the tune. "All I can do is say that these arms are made for holding you/ I wanna love like you made me feel when we were 18."

"18" is a slower-tempo song, but it chugs along, with strings, shakers and echoed vocals layered beneath Niall, Harry, Louis, Liam and Zayn's voices. Bursts of sound kick in occasionally, driving the passion they sing of. Do you feel it?

Extra bonus -- Here's Niall getting pumped about the track: