'It Never Gets Easier': Should 'Teen Mom OG''s Tyler Show His Emotions In Front Of Carly?

'I don't ever want to cry in front of her'

Catelynn and Tyler welcomed Carly more than 12 years ago when they were teenagers on 16 and Pregnant. After more than two years without a visit, the longtime couple saw their not-so-little girl, as well as her parents Brandon and Teresa (cameras have not been permitted inside the gatherings since Carly turned four).

"At dinner, she had her hair braided and it was all back," Tyler reflected to Cate and his mom Kim after seeing the "so tall" almost-teenager that same day. "It's just weird. She had on a nice little outfit. Like a little lady."

The goodbye with Carly and her family was not filmed, but the MTV crew was present when Tyler and Cate shared an emotional farewell with their longtime adoption counselor Dawn.

"She adores you guys so much," Dawn told Tyler as the duo embraced and he cried. "You are going to be the only thing she thinks about and talks about for the next weeks. She's just going to keep thinking back on all these special times that you guys have had together. It's so meaningful to her."

"It never gets easier," Tyler told Dawn as he wiped away tears.

"You wouldn't be human if it did," she said.

Afterward, Tyler reflected that what Dawn said to him was "nice" but at a certain point, he had to walk away to avoid breaking down in front of Carly.

"I don't ever want to cry in front of her. I've never cried in front of her. Not once," Tyler told Cate, Kim, Cate's mom April and Cate's grandma Debra. "Vaeda was actually the perfect excuse because, oh she's tired."

"You say you want to be honest with your kids; you have to be honest with her too," Debra offered. "How you're feeling, and if you're crying. You might be surprised how she handles that."

Tyler did not offer how he would proceed during the next visit -- but what do you think? Will he be more open in front of Carly, or remain stoic and have the emotional release afterwards? Offer your support in the comments, and be sure to keep watching Catelynn, Tyler and their loved ones every Tuesday at 8/7c.

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