'Walking Dead' Characters Come Back From The Grave To Celebrate Glenn’s Wedding

No one tell Rick that Shane and Lori reunited

Those who kill Walkers together attend weddings together.

Over the weekend, a horde (heh) of past and present Walking Dead cast members celebrated the wedding of Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Joana Pak in Los Angeles. Having casts reunite at a wedding is nothing new in the celeb world — Pitch Perfect stars met back up for Skylar Astin and Anna Camp's wedding earlier this year — but this particular wedding guest list is a little more interesting, since it includes ~dead~ people.

Sarah Wayne Callies (Lori), Jon Bernthal (Shane), and Emma Bell (Amy) — major players in TWD's early seasons who've since died off — were all there.

Shane and Lori reunited, and Rick was nowhere in sight. Uh-oh.

Callies also snapped a pic with Gael Anderson, the real-life wife of Andrew Lincoln (Rick).

Amy looked much better without Walker bites on her body.

Lincoln, Melissa McBride (Carol), and Norman Reedus (Daryl) were also there.

Chandler Riggs (Carl), Danai Gurira (Michonne), and Alanna Masterson (Tara) also saw Yeun tie the knot, because apocalypse squads stick together.

Huge congrats to the happy couple!

Hopefully no one gave them a baseball bat for a wedding gift. (Too soon?)

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