Katy Perry's 'Small Talk' Is Here To Soundtrack Those Weird Run-Ins With Your Ex

The all-too-relatable breakup bop was co-written by Charlie Puth

Katy Perry's new single "Small Talk" is here, and from the sound of it, KP5 might be shaping up to be a breakup album for the ages.

The pop star kicked off her fifth album era in May with the heartbreak anthem "Never Really Over," and "Small Talk" follows in the same vein, as Perry describes that universal awkwardness of interacting with an ex. "Isn’t it weird / That you've seen me naked / We had conversations about forever / Now it's about the weather, okay," she sings on the slow-building track, which was co-written by pop connoisseur Charlie Puth and features a hilariously brilliant "blah blah blah" bridge. "Had every inch of your skin / There's nowhere your hands haven't been / Ain't it funny, 'cause now there's nothing left but small talk."

No sign yet of the track's official music video, but the single did come with a cute (and Katy-less) lyric vid that chronicles an office romance gone sour. Check it out below.

"Small Talk" arrived on Friday (August 8) on the heels of a shocking verdict in the copyright case against Perry's "Dark Horse." It seems like it's been a rough few weeks for the singer, but at least she's fixing her focus on new music. And though the album has now been preceded by not one, but two breakup bops, she's happily engaged to Orlando Bloom IRL, so it's nice to see that art doesn't necessarily imitate life.