Ashley Tisdale Covered A Paramore Song With Her Husband And It’s Disgustingly Cute

They’re not over all the butterflies ...

Ashley Tisdale and her husband, Christopher French, are #goals.

The couple celebrated their two-year wedding anniversary in September and decided to rub their cute perfection in our faces with a lovey-dovey cover of Paramore’s 2013 hit “Still Into You.”

In the video posted to on Ashley’s new YouTube channel, the actress adorably introduces her husband, Chris — who throws up a peace sign to the camera while wearing a beanie and glasses — and sweetly reveals that the track is one of “our” songs, awwwwww.

It was only a matter of time before Ashley and her hip hubby joined forces to make music. Chris founded and fronted L.A.-based, alternative rock band Annie Automatic back in 2009 and has been making music since he was 11 years old.

Does this cover mean we’ll get more music from Ashley? She says yes!

“Music Sessions is an intimate musical series curated and performed by me. Some of my musician friends will be invited to collaborate and play music in my backyard, in each episode I will join them as we perform a unique rendition of their songs or a cover, which can exclusively be found on my channel,” Ashley wrote in the video description.

New videos will appear on her YouTube channel every Tuesday (#TizzieTuesday, duh!) and will definitely include more Music Sessions. Now we patiently wait for her collab with the High School Musical gang.

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