Paramore Say 'Still Into You' Is A Pop Song ... And Proud Of It

Paramore will get "Live From MTV" on Monday at 5 p.m. ET on!

Paramore will take over the MTV Newsroom on Monday, for an exclusive performance and interview that we're calling "Paramore: Live From MTV."

It'll steam live on beginning at 5 p.m. ET, and during the show, the band will also be answering fans' Twitter questions — you can submit yours by tweeting @MTVNews using the hashtag #AskParamore — and we're willing to bet one song they're going to be asked about is "Still Into You," the new single off their self-titled album. Why? Because it's unquestionably the most personal song Hayley Williams has ever written.

"Still Into You" details her relationship with longtime boyfriend Chad Gilbert ... and though Williams has opened up about personal life in the past, this song is different: It's a love song, pure and simple. And, as she told MTV News on the set of the "Still" video, it's the kind of tune she never thought she'd write.

"I'm not one to write a lot of love songs, so it surprised me," she laughed. "And we got to the chorus, I remember asking Taylor [York] 'Is this too poppy? Can I do this? Can I sing it like this?' And I remember Taylor saying 'Well, do you like it?' And I was like 'I love it!' And he said 'Well, then who cares? Do it anyway!'

"That's sort of a testament to how the entire writing and recording process went, if we liked something and we believed in it, we did it," she continued. "We didn't back down from it just because it was different or something we hadn't tried before."

And that's evident not just in the song's sentiments (or pop sensibilities), but in its very open embrace of synthesizers, too. When they first premiered the song last month, those electronic flourishes certainly freaked out a portion of their fans ... but, in a lot of ways, "Still Into You" serves as the perfect introduction to the wide range of styles and sonics Paramore are exploring on their new album. Rather defiantly so.

"'Still Into You, came from our old way of doing things not working anymore; it came out of frustration," York explained. "We'd be frustrated, and then we would just randomly play something on an instrument and it would spark something. 'Still Into You' started [with] an organ part, and somehow it turned into this pop song. It took a cool shape that is different for us, I don't think you can be too worried that it's different, because this is what we believe in, and we're excited about it."

Tune in to "Paramore: Live From MTV," this Monday, April 8 at 5 p.m. ET on!