Meghan Trainor 'Survived' Surgery: See The Pic

Meghan also needs movie suggestions for the recovery period.

Meghan Trainor is finally out of vocal surgery and just needs to heal. The singer, who had to cancel her MTrain Tour due to a vocal hemorrage, is now resting up to get back to her Megatronz.

The "Marvin Gaye" singer posted selfies from before and after the surgery, and it looks like she's going to be A-OK.

M seems a little demure (because, duh, she just got out of surgery), but she's still her being her regular ol' Trainor self, asking for movie recommendations as she recovers.

"I look so hurt haha I survived tho!" she wrote on Instagram. "Thank you Dr. Nasseri for being my hero. Now just napping all day long on the couch with mama and getting free head rubs. Any movie suggestions?"

Meghan had to cancel a few dates of her tour earlier this summer but was cleared to go back onstage shortly after she healed. But due to some nasty bronchitis, the problem reemerged. Meghan had to cancel the remainder of her tour.

Wishing Meghan the best of luck as she recovers from surgery!

Oh, and as for that movie suggestion -- I highly recommend marathoning all the Harry Potter movies.