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Meghan Trainor Forced To Cancel MTrain Tour Due To Vocal Hemorrhage

The singer will undergo surgery to 'fix this once and for all.'

Meghan Trainor has been forced to cancel the remainder of her her MTrain tour after hemorrhaging her vocal cords yet again, which has now resulted in her having to get surgery to "finally fix this once and for all."

Meghan, who is "devastated" by this, shared the news with her Megatronz in a heart-wrenching message.

Meghan explained that she was taking the proper precautions since doctors discovered a hemorrhage on her vocal cords back in the beginning of July, which forced her to cancel several tour dates. The "All About That Bass" singer recently suffered a case of bronchitis, which "pushed it over the edge."

Understandably the singer is "scared," but promises that she is going to "come back around stronger than ever."

Meghan also sent her apologies to her "amazing openers," Charlie Puth and Life Of Dillon, saying that she is "forever grateful that you were a part of this experience."

Fans are already showing their support for their girl wishing her a speedy recovery in her upcoming surgery.