After 10 Long Years, We FINALLY Find Out What Zoey Said On The ‘Zoey 101′ Time Capsule Episode

This is NOT a drill.

September 18, 2005: A brand new episode of the Nickelodeon tween hit "Zoey 101" aired. This episode involved the gang deciding what to put in a time capsule that represented themselves. Zoey (Jamie Lynn Spears) chose to make a DVD, explaining what all of her friends meant to her. Desperate to hear what Zoey said about him, Chase (Sean Flynn) started to dig up the time capsule, seeing if his "one true love" loved him back. But, he stopped after realizing it was wrong to watch Zoey's DVD without her knowing, and buried it back (subsequently pissing off every '00s kid).

September 18, 2015: While Chase was about to propose to his girlfriend Alyssa (Jamie Snow), his BFF Michael (Chris Massey) came bursting through the door in true Michael fashion, hootin' and hollerin' at Chase. Michael explained he "flew to California, rented a shovel, went to PCA and dug" up the time capsule himself. He then proudly handed Chase Zoey's DVD.


Zoey 101

Everyone in America right now

"Zoey 101" creator Dan Schneider (aka "The Man Who Created Your Childhood TV Shows") teased fans on Twitter Friday, saying he had something he couldn't wait to share with them.

Soon after, he provided hints, which made fans start guessing anything and everything under the sun about "Drake & Josh," "Victorious," "iCarly" and (of course) "Zoey 101."

After that third hint, fans went ABSOLUTELY BANANAS. It was blatantly obvious by now what the surprise would be — we'd all finally, FI-NAL-LY find out what Zoey said about Chase on the time capsule DVD. And since he's Dan Schneider, he definitely didn't disappoint.

Soon, #WhatDidZoeySay was a trending topic on Twitter, because let's be real here for a sec. WE'VE BEEN WAITING 10 YEARS FOR THIS, DAN.


The five-minute video premiered on TeenNick Friday night, and was quickly uploaded to YouTube.

At long last, watch the video below to find out what Zoey said about Chase — and what this means for their future!

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