Apparently, Jonah Hill's Trying To Make Action Bronson A Hollywood Star

Jonah interviews Bronsolino.

Could Action Bronson be a movie star?

Jonah Hill, the Oscar-nominated star of “Wolf of Wall Street,” certainly thinks so. He’s been trying to convince Hollywood big wigs to give Action a shot for years.

"I'm constantly trying to get you cast in movies,” Hill told Action in an article for Interview. "And I have to explain to these older white directors who you are. It's been a hilarious process so far.”

It turns out, Action’s influence on Hollywood is already strong. According to Hill, Bronson was instrumental to his character in “Wolf of Wall Street.”

“When I was making 'Wolf of Wall Street,’ [‘Barry Horowitz’ and ‘Buddy Guy’] were two of the songs that I listened to every day to get into character."

Bronsolino took on Hollywood recently when he recreated classic scenes from “Coming To America” for his “Baby Blue” video with Chance The Rapper and Big Body Bes.

Bronson’s reach has already extended far beyond music. He’s amassed love for his “F-ck That’s Delicious” webisode series and is reportedly in talks for a TV show.

Bronson's Mr. Wonderful is out now and Hill's "This Is The End" is in theaters.

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