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Jonah Hill and James Franco Put The Laughs Aside For Their 'Intense' 'True Story'

Felicity Jones tells us about leaving the jokes at home.

Jonah Hill and James Franco are both Oscar-nominated for their dramatic work. When you put the two of them in a room together, though you sort of expect the "This Is The End" co-stars to churn out a comedy together.

But Felicity Jones didn't get to witness too much hilarity on set while filming "True Story" with the two actors, because their movie is about a disgraced journalist (Hill) striking up an unlikely friendship with a murderer (Franco) who impersonated him to flee the country. And, as its title would suggest, the film is based on a true story -- namely, that of Michael Finkel, who wrote a book about his relationship with Christian Longo in 2001. Longo was convicted of murdering his entire family, so you can see how that wouldn't exactly lend itself to a lot of laughs.

"When you’re playing a true story and you’re dealing with events that have happened, it definitely affects the approach to the film," Jones told MTV News. "It wasn’t something you could leave work at the end of the day and not think about."

"True Story" opens in theaters on April 17.