Future And Young Thug Bring Back A Classic 'Simpsons' Gag For Their New Video

I will not be Super Slimey

Future and Young Thug's video for "All da Smoke" is a treasure trove of weird pop culture references. Bankroll PJ — a.k.a. the "We be flexin tho" kid — stars in the visual as a Nerf-carrying menace. The setting of the group home gives off Randy Wagstaff from season 4 of The Wire vibes. Lastly, the duo reinterprets the famous Bart Simpson chalkboard gag from the intro to The Simpsons.

Despite, the fun cultural moments "All da Smoke" is still a relatively dour affair. The music video begins in a group home where a young woman states, "Man, I hate this place just as much as you do and every other badass kid running around this prison of a group home."

Then, a planned robbery and kidnapping takes place. For some reason, the kids from the group home torture their hostage with super slimey colored paint as Future and Young Thug dance around them. The video is weird and brilliant, just like Hendrix and Thugger. The only thing it's missing is everyone running to a red couch at the end.