Halsey And Sydney Sweeney Have A Euphoric Carnival Adventure In 'Graveyard' Video

'Let your imagination run wild...'

Remember in Season 1, Episode 4 of Euphoria, when Cassie has a truly, uh, orgasmic time on a carousel ride? The actress who plays her, Sydney Sweeney, has now found herself at another nighttime carnival — only this time, she's swapped Maddie for Halsey, and things are way more mysterious.

Sweeney and Halsey (a noted Euphoria superfan) star in the video for "Graveyard," the singer's contemplative new single that finds her on the bruised end of a toxic relationship. It opens on Halsey, or Ashley, in her colorful childhood bedroom, where hand-drawn pictures and Alanis Morisette posters line the walls. The girl she's sketching suddenly appears beside her, and they're transported to an abandoned carnival, where they blissfully dance and twirl around in each other's arms.

But as you may have guessed, the whimsical fun isn't all it appears to be, and once they reach an aquarium — the same exact setting from Halsey's recent "clementine" video — Sweeney disappears, and Halsey is left alone and literally gasping for air. When she comes to, it's daylight and everything is white and sterile; almost like a hospital room. The singer asked fans to "let your imagination run wild" in the days leading up to the video's release, and it appears she does exactly that in the clip, for better or worse. Watch above, and see the video as it airs all day long on mtvU and MTV Live.

The "Graveyard" visual follows Halsey's grungy "Nightmare" and playful "clementine." It arrived on Tuesday (October 8) at a weirdly specific release time, 1:17 p.m, that's actually a fun easter egg for fans — her new album Manic will arrive on January 17, 2020.

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