Katharine McPhee Eyes More Onscreen 'Success'; Considers Becoming 'Female Version Of John Mayer'

'It's one of those interesting indie films,' singer says of second flick.

CULVER CITY, California — Katharine McPhee's first flirt with success came as she competed on "American Idol" and became the season five runner-up. Then she had it again when her self-titled debut [article id="1551773"]opened at #2[/article] on the Billboard albums chart earlier this year. And now, McPhee is hoping for even more "Success" as she reveals her plans for a flick of the same name.

"This is a whole new beginning," she grinned on Tuesday, speaking for the first time about a new movie script she hopes to begin soon. "I'm scheduled to shoot [that] movie in November."

The 23-year-old songstress is currently in L.A. finishing up work on "I Know What Boys Like," [article id="1570083"]an Anna Faris comedy[/article] that is aiming to hit theaters around the middle of 2008. In that flick, she'll make [article id="1566039"]her movie debut as a pregnant hippie[/article] given a makeover by the "Scary Movie" star — but these days, McPhee already has her mind on the dramatic follow-up.

Although little is known about the plot, McPhee said she is scheduled to shoot the flick alongside several other actors whose deals are being finalized. "I can't really give away too much, because I don't know who's attached to it yet," she shrugged. "They've made offers to the other big parts. I'm just really excited about it, because I think it's an interesting script."

"I play this sweet, nice girl who gets the attention of this guy," she revealed, adding that while her character might be a romantic, she isn't a femme fatale. "No, no. She's cool; she's the cool chick. And then there's this other female character, and [it becomes] very complicated. It's one of those interesting indie films."

Whether "Success" transforms McPhee into the next Parker Posey remains to be seen, but while she works on establishing her indie cred, the "Over It" singer is also brainstorming ideas for the follow-up to her successful debut album.

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