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Video Q&A: JGL Assures Us That's JGL in 'Looper'

It may tout Joseph Gordon-Levitt above the title on those gigantic "Looper" billboards you've seen around town, but the actor represented opposite an upside-down Bruce Willis doesn't look all that like Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

So of course we had to ask JGL to confirm that is indeed him headlining one of the year's buzziest movies, and maybe even provide some evidence.

"I can offer no proof, however I think you've just paid me the highest compliment you can pay an actor," the "Dark Knight Rises" actor told us at the Toronto International Film Festival. "My favorite performances are always the ones where you don't even necessarily recognize the actor."

Gordon-Levitt underwent three hours of makeup every day to look almost creepily similar to his co-star. In a future where time travel's been invented, JGL plays an assassin tasked with the grimly charge of knocking off his older self.

It sounds perplexing and twisty, but the actor warns not to expect an "Inception"-type brain-buster.

"The resolution of 'Looper' is not like the answer to some big puzzle," he says. "It's not that kind of movie. It's really more of an emotional and a human story that uses the sci-fi genre and the time travel device to get at some of those questions. "

Like what WOULD you say to future or past self?