Lauv Trades All His Friends For 'Drugs & The Internet' In Wild New Video

He turned 'extreme emptiness' into a self-deprecating, 'Black Mirror'-esque release

Forget what you think you know about Lauv. The singer-songwriter launched his new era on Thursday (April 25) with the single "Drugs & The Internet," and it's a far cry from, say, the lovestruck sweetness of "I Like Me Better."

"Drugs" is a total sonic adventure; it begins as a melancholy piano ballad, then warps into a bass-heavy banger that's equal parts sad and self-deprecating. "I don't want to base my actions or reactions on the things they say / And I don't want to hit delete on all the parts of me that they might hate," he sings, before lamenting on the hook, "I traded all my friends for drugs and the internet / Ah, shit."

The track comes to life in a Black Mirror-esque video that serves as a cautionary tale about getting sucked into social media. Lauv and director Jenna Marsh illustrate that concept of emotional disappearance by literally trapping him inside an online world, where everything isn't as it seems. Check it out below, and try not to get creeped out by the pair of hairless cats roaming around.

In a statement about the new release, Lauv said, "I wrote 'Drugs & The Internet' at a time I was struggling with feelings of extreme emptiness and depression. I wrote it as a sort of self-analysis for my obsession with the way I wanted present myself to the world — a commentary on the world we live today."

The "i'm so tired" singer added that he wrote the song in just an hour, and that it "felt more therapeutic than any song I'd written before." He continued, "As the first song off of my album ~how i’m feeling~, it is the perfect entrance into the next phase of my life and music. I am more proud of this song and video than anything I have ever created in my life, and I'm so excited that it's yours now."

~how i'm feeling~ is the follow-up to the 24-year-old's debut album, I met you when I was 18, which arrived last year. There's no release date yet, but "Drugs & The Internet" is a solid start to what sounds like an adventurous new chapter for Lauv.