Lea Michele Can’t Stop Laughing At This Nasty Tabloid Story About Her

The magazine started rumors about her ‘breakup binges’

Lea Michele is so distraught over her breakup from Robert Buckley that she’s constantly “gorging on pastas and baked goods and blowing off her regular workouts.” At least, that’s what OK! Magazine recently reported, much to Michele’s amusement.

Behind the scenes of Scream Queens, stars Emma Roberts and John Stamos laughed and laughed and laughed as Michele read this story out loud.

“She’s put on 10 pounds,” she continued, feigning shock at this ~breaking news~. “It’s taken a toll on her self-esteem, and she’s caught in a vicious cycle of bingeing.”

Watch this so-called “vicious cycle” play out in Stamos’s video below.

For the record, binge eating is a very real type of eating disorder, and it goes way deeper than eating some ice cream after a bad day. So even if Lea *was* privately going through this, starting celeb gossip rumors is less than classy.

But for now, Lea is unfazed. “Thank you, OK!,” she says at the end of the video, flashing the camera a sweet smile. Move along, haters.

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