Janelle Monae Tell Us How Her 'PYNK' Vagina Pants Are All About Celebrating Variation

'It's a very celebratory song for us,' she tells MTV News

Almost as soon as it dropped earlier this week, Janelle Monae's "PYNK" music video quickly began dominating the conversation, thanks in no small part to its theme-appropriate color scheme, joyful demeanor, and of course, those pants. You know the ones.

In the video's most iconic moment (and there are plenty of them), the head of Monae's frequent collaborator Tessa Thompson pops out from between her legs as Monae wears the aforementioned vagina pants. It's intercut with a sequence of Monae and six other women standing in a line — but, Monae recently told MTV News in an interview, make sure to notice how no two outfits are the exact same.

"I had an idea for a while to do pants, but if you look in the video, there are different types of pants, different styles. Some don't have on pants," she said. "We come in so many different varieties as women and those who identify as women and those who were born as women."

"But this is a personal experience for me," Monae continued, "so when I got with all that black girl magic and we were all together and we were coming as individuals but collectively uniting, it was a powerful statement that was made."

The video, which was directed by Emma Westenberg (whom Monae calls "a queen"), is Monae's latest visual contribution ahead of her Dirty Computer album (and accompanying "emotion picture"), set to drop April 27. On set, Monae said the atmosphere was both "peaceful" and "exciting" and that she felt "so free" to help bring her vision to life with Westernberg's help.

"'PYNK' is a song that is near and dear and close to my heart," she said. "There's lots of symbolism in it, there's lots of mysticism in it, and my love for us and for black girl magic and for those who are often times marginalized. It's a very celebratory song for us."

Watch Monae break down the endlessly jubilant "PYNK" music video above.