'The Vampire Diaries': Stefan Helps Damon Cope With Life Outside Of The Phoenix Stone In This Exclusive Clip

Damon learns that life outside of the Phoenix Stone can be a different kind of hell.

If Damon thought being inside the Phoenix Stone was a living hell, then he's in for quite a shock in Friday's episode of "The Vampire Diaries." Now he's got to learn to live with his debilitating PTSD, which is an entirely different kind of hell for the broody Salvatore brother.

At the end of last week's episode, Damon was brought back from the Phoenix Stone and subsequently violently attacked all of his friends, including a very pregnant Caroline, under the assumption that he was still in the stone. In this week's episode ("Things We Lost In The Fire") -- directed by Paul Wesley -- Damon will struggle to accept the fact that he's home.

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TVD Damon and Stefan

In our exclusive clip from the episode, Stefan gives his brother a pass on staking his pregnant girlfriend and offers to help Damon adjust to life outside the stone. But if his shackles are any indication, it won't be easy to rid Damon's subconscious of the constant terrors. Nor will it be easy for Stefan to help his brother while silently reliving his own time in the stone.

We've only seen Damon's version of hell in the Phoenix Stone, so hopefully this week's episode will shed some light on what Stefan endured in the stone. Regardless, Stefan has one very ominous message for his brother: