Nev Schulman Compares 'Catfish' Sidekick Max Joseph To His 'MTV Suspect' Co-Host iO Tillett Wright

Plus, find out what Max thinks of his pal's new partner.

Nev Schulman has been combating "Catfish" with Max Joseph by his side for the past few years -- and now the MTV star is about to have a brand-new face (specifically, iO Tillett Wright) to help him uncover some "suspect" behavior. So how would Nev compare the "We Are Your Friends" director to his MTV Suspect co-host?

"No comment," Nev jokingly told MTV News at a press day event, with Max right by his side. "I can't pick favorites, know, Max is my best friend." Looking at his fellow cyber sleuth, he continued, "You're my best friend, so you're more than just my co-host."

In all seriousness, Nev elaborated on his special bonds with each of his sidekicks.

"They're very different," he revealed. "We all grew up in New York City, so we all share the same sort of core anxiety and criticism about the world. iO has totally opened my eyes to an entirely new world -- the LGBT community and an understanding of gender identity that I never understood. Max has really opened my eyes to a very intellectual and emotional understanding of myself and friendship and how to get along with people. So I've learned a bunch from both of them."

Meanwhile, Max offered his take on how he and iO stack up in Nev's world.

"iO is new blood. iO is the new person on the block, and I'm just yesterday's news," he added with a chuckle.

Be sure to check out Nev and Max on Catfish premiering tomorrow night at 10/9c, and then catch Nev and iO on MTV Suspect at 11/10c. And before the shows make their highly anticipated debut, check out the trailers for both programs below!