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Exclusive: Beanie Sigel Has A Word About Jay Z On First Post-Prison Bars

This is Roc-A-Fella for life.

Beanie Sigel was released from prison three months ago, and while we're sure he's been spending some quality time with his loved ones, diehard fans have been patiently waiting for the Broad Street Bully to drop some new bars. Well, the wait is over.

On Tuesday (November 18), Young Chris tapped the State Property leader for "Legends Never Die," off of Chris' upcoming Network 3 [The Closure] mixtape. And the Philadelphia rap legends gave MTV News the first listen.

Sigel and the Young Gunner trade back-and-forth rhymes over the Cardiak-produced track, while Dreamchasers' artist Guordan holds down the hook. Despite being locked up since 2012, for tax and drug charges, it's clear that Beans hasn't lost a step and his chemistry with Chris is still intact.

What's most notable, however, is the way Mac addresses his drama with his former Roc-A-Fella boss Jay Z. Remember when Jigga charged that Beans was "in his feelings" on Drake's "Pound Cake" last year?

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"You know it's 'Crew Love' at the end the day, though," Sigel spits, referencing his 1998 collaboration with Hov and Memphis Bleek.

With that Chris responds: "And this is Roc-A-Fella for life."

"Yeah, I'm still on the payroll," Sigel responds immediately.

Your move, Hov!