Good Luck Reading This Early Review Of Zayn's 'Mind Of Mine'

In keeping with Zayn's weird album tracklist, some thoughts

gUyS, iT's FiNaLlY hErE.

zAyN mAlIk ReLeAsEd HiS dEbUt SoLo Lp, MiNd Of MiNe (Or Is It "MiNd Of MiNdd," LiKe ThE iNtRo TrAcK wOuLd HaVe Us BeLiEvE?), ToDaY, mArCh 25 -- ExAcTlY oNe YeAr AfTeR hE aNnOuNcEd HiS dEpArTuRe FrOm OnE dIrEcTiOn. AnD iN kEePiNg wItH ZaYn'S oDd sTyLiStIc ChOiCeS fOr ThE tRaCkLiSt, A fEw QuIcK FiRsT iMpResSiOnS oF tHe (YeS, vErY sExUaL) aLbUm ArE aBsOLuTeLy In OrDeR.

We KnEw It WoUlD bE a HiGhLy ChArGeD r&B aLbUm, BuT wE dIdN't KnOw JuSt HoW mUcH iNfLuEnCe ZaYn WoUlD aBsOrB fRoM tHe WeEkNd, pRoBabLY tHe ALbUm'S siNgLE bIgGeSt iNfLuEnCe. Is Z LEarNiNg tO eMbRaCe HiS sExUaL pOwEr ViA dAtiNg giGi hAdiD WhiLE tHe WeEkNd coZieS uP wItH hEr SiStEr?

It ShOuLd Be MeNtIoNeD tHaT tHeRe'S a SoNg HeRe CaLLeD "LiKe I wOuLd" -- NoT tO Be ConFuSeD wItH tHe 1D sOnG "i WoULd" On WhIcH zAyN sInGs ThE cHoRuS. i MaiNtAiN ThAt "It'S yOu" SoUnDs LiKe InDiE pOp BaNd ThE aNtLeRs, WhIcH bRiNgS mE a LoT oF jOy. TrAcK 10, "fOoL fOr YoU," sOuNdS LiKE wHaT i'Ve ALwaYs ImAgInEd HaRrY sTyLeS's SoLo CaReEr WoUlD bE: PiaNo-AnD-dRuM-hEaVy, OrNaTe RaInY-dAy PoP.

"wRoNg" FeAtUrEs KehLAni, wHoSe DyNaMic DeLiVeRy Is A wElCoMe ChAnGe FrOm ZaYn's OfTeN sTaTiC meLodIes (StiLL sUnG bEaUtiFuLLy, FoR tHe ReCoRd), AnD tHe AlBuM's MoSt BeAuTiFuL sOnG iS a TwO-miNUtE iNtErLuDe SunG iN uRdU, z'S fAtHeR's NaTiVe PaKiStAni LaNgUaGe.

MiNd Of MiNe MaY nOt QuItE bE tHe TrIp InSiDe ZaYn's BrAiN pRoMiSeD bY tHe TitLE. bUt It'S a StArT. WelCoMe To ThE rEsT oF tHe WoRlD, z.