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Wait, Did Gigi Hadid Just Confirm Zayn's Face Tattoo Is Fake?

Thank you, Gigi

On Friday night, Zayn shared a photo on Instagram that seemed to suggest that he had gotten a tattoo on his head.

Considering Zayn's storied history with questionable tattoos, it was not entirely implausible that he had, in fact, added some permanent ink to his face. Though the tattoo's legitimacy was debated all through the weekend on Twitter, Gigi Hadid seems to have settled things once and for all on Snapchat.

In Gigi's most recent snap, Zayn and his shaved head are there, but the right side of his head appears remarkably tattoo-free. We're thinking the temporary ink was most likely part of a new music video -- he was seen shooting a few days before he debuted the tattoo. So while the tat will live forever in film, it won't, thankfully, live on his face.