Watch Beyonce Dance All Over The House In Just Socks And Underwear For The '7/11' Video

Was it Jay who manned the camera for some of this home-video-style footage?

Last night Beyonce posted teasers of her two new tracks, but tonight she surprised us by dropping the video for "7/11" (we already know she's prone to surprises) and it is King B like we've never seen her before.

First of all, she begins the clip rocking a sweatshirt that says "KALE" which is just too much for words—but if you want to cop a kale sweatshirt too, you can get it through Sub_Urban Riot right here. This is especially funny given that vegan stage Jay Z dragged her into the couple tried out late last year. Was it Jay who manned the camera for some of this home-video-style footage? Those polished, professional videos for BEYONCE have nothing on the carefree, casual vibes of this clip.

While Bey normally maintains her flawless diva veneer with a studied perfection that seems impossible to crack, she's dropped all that for the intimately shot clip. We get to see her rocking tighty whiteys and a sweatshirt, dancing and throwing it down with her girls on a balcony.

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There's so many moments I literally can't choose a favorite. Is it when she dials her foot like it's a phone and screams "I KNOW YOU CARE!" to her legions of jealous, unnamed haters? This could also be an interpolation of her old song "I Care"—just like "Ring Off" features a call back to "Love On Top."

Is the best moment when she attempts to do that jump through your leg trick and lets us watch her fail and laugh off the fall? Or maybe it's when she jumps out of a Christmas present and models about a thousand different perfect holiday sweaters for us? (One of which says "Cake By The Pound" and RIP ME where can I get one?!).

Nope, wait actually, the best moment is totally when she dances while blow-drying herself. Hands down.

The way she acts out various portions of lyrics also helps highlight the tightly-rapped flow of the song, illustrating what might be the closest thing she's ever released to a straight-up rap song with hilarious clarity. "Man this feel like rollin the dice / seven twice, seven twice!" she raps indicating that "7/11" might actually just be her trick to high-rolling.

Watch Bey kick it in her all her glory below:

"7/11" and "Ring Off" will both be included on the platinum edition of BEYONCE which drops Monday, November 24.

One more thing, did you spot Blue Ivy's cameo in the clip? Go to 0:58 and see if you can catch her chilling on the bed—it's just another day for her, guys. What about Jay Z somersaulting through at 3:04? There's some serious levels to this video's perfection.

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