Harry Styles Used His Sexual Mind Powers On A 'Late Late Show' Security Guard

He also got to cringe at some Kendall Jenner jokes

Last night (May 15), Harry Styles began his weeklong residency at The Late Late Show by flexing his Jedi powers, cringing at jokes about one of his exes, and giving one heck of a performance of "Sign of the Times."

Before he was allowed on set, Harry had to make it through tight security. The guard didn't recognize him without the rest of One Direction in tow, so Harry had to use a power he only employs in the most dire of situations. He stared the guard right in the eyes and unleashed what looked like a beam of pure sexual energy, proving once and for all that he was the Harry Styles.

He also sat down with Corden and actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who told the audience all about his coop of chickens named after the Kardashian-Jenner clan. Harry took some big sips of coffee when Kendall Jenner came up — photos of the two vacationing together were leaked a little over a year ago — but the awkwardness didn't quell his good spirits.

After all, he went on to deliver one of the best performances of "Sign of the Times" he's given so far, with a full band and a ton of backing vocalists helping him out.

He also wore another great suit, because Harry Styles has a seemingly bottomless closet of truly excellent suits.

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