Leonardo DiCaprio Breaks Out His Dance Moves For 'The Wolf of Wall Street'

Actor waited six years to collaborate with director Martin Scorsese again.

Leonardo DiCaprio isn't a trained dancer, but the moves you see on display in "The Wolf Of Wall Street?" All him.

"They were in my toolbox," DiCaprio told MTV News, laughing at the red carpet premiere for the film. "I haven't brought them out of the toolbox in many decades, but they have been sitting there dormant."

While the dancing might have been spontaneous, DiCaprio's fifth collaboration with director Martin Scorsese was anything but.

"I really waited for six years for Martin Scorsese to direct this," DiCaprio continued. "In my mind there was nobody that could portray the darker nature of these characters, and sometimes in a very comedic way as Marty could."

Part of what draws DiCaprio back to the collaboration is the director's focus squarely on the actors, something one could imagine an actor might like quite a bit.

"He's one of those directors that will sit all day, and [if] there's something magical happening between the actors, he'll keep the camera on you," DiCpario noted. "Even if it has nothing to do with the structure of the plot because he ultimately realizes the character is the plot. That was so important about the way he works and why he was the only person who could do this movie."

So are they going back for round six? It would certainly seem a given, particularly since Scorsese is a director who sticks by his muses. But in DiCpario's mind, he's still trying to prove himself worthy of the collaboration.

"I could only be so lucky," DiCaprio said. "Every time I make a movie with this man, he reaffirms why it's important to make movies, and I learn something incredibly new every time I step on set with him. I'm incredibly grateful, and it's a huge gift to have done what I did with him. And if more can happen, I can only be so lucky."

"The Wolf of Wall Street" is now in theaters.

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