Here Are 8 Marvel Movies We Might See In 2020

We're getting more movies! Let's speculate wildly!

Yesterday Marvel totally blew our minds when they announced what might be the 4th phase in their run of super-successful, super-awesome superhero movies. In addition to a new "Ant-Man" sequel (entitled, awesomely, "Ant-Man And The Wasp"), we're also getting three new movies after "Avengers: Infinity War -- Part 2," tentatively set for May 1, 2020, July 10, 2020 and November 6, 2020 release dates.

Which begs the question, what could these new three movies possibly be? After all, the current leads of the "Avengers" are probably going to get phased out soon -- "Captain America" in particular was only envisioned as a trilogy, according to Kevin Feige, and there've been rumors about Robert Downey Jr. leaving the franchise for years now.

So with that in mind, we've got some ideas for the possible new movies or sequels that Marvel could bring to the table five years from now -- and yeah, now that we've thought of them, we totally want the studio to make every single one. Think about it, Feige!

"Black Panther 2"



The first movie starring T'Challa, King of Wakanda, won't be out until February 2018. Still, the character already has a huge base of fans who can't wait to see him on the big screen in "Captain America: Civil War," and he totally deserves to have a regular series of movies like Captain America and Iron Man did. Odds are the first movie will deal with his rise to power and his quest to stop the man who killed his father, Ulysses Klaw (Andy Serkis), but maybe the sequel can show us more of the interpersonal politics of the Wakandan nation.


Marvel Comics


Remember the Nova Corps, the intergalactic police force from "Guardians Of The Galaxy?" In the current Marvel comics universe, a human teenager named Sam Alexander finds out that his father was once a part of this force, and takes over his position as a new superhero named Nova. Bringing him into the MCU would be a perfect way to expand the galactic side of the movies that we first saw through the eyes of Peter Quill -- and would give us another teenage hero to root for other than Spider-Man.

"Planet Hulk"



It's about time that our favorite version of Bruce Banner got his own solo movie, don't you think? And while the original "Planet Hulk" storyline in the comics has him getting flung to a far-off planet by the rest of the Avengers and coming back for revenge, there are a lot of other ways you could take the story -- especially if the studio were to introduce Amadeus Cho, the Hulk's totally awesome sidekick. Hey, his mom showed up in "Age Of Ultron," so it could happen!

"Captain Marvel 2"

Marvel Comics


We're understanding about the fact that Marvel had to push back "Captain Marvel" yet again to fit the new "Ant-Man" into the schedule, but the least they could do to expand her movie out to a big ol' franchise series. Nobody knows what the plot of the first movie would be yet, but there's a lot of places they could take Carol Danvers's story based on her current adventures in the comics -- maybe she'll get stranded back in time with an all-female World War 2 fighting squad! Maybe she'll meet up with the Guardians of the Galaxy! Maybe she'll take on an shape-shifting apprentice! The possibilities are endless.


Marvel Comics


Jennifer Walters is a bright young attorney, but a bit shy and mousy -- that is, until she gets into an accident and must be given a blood transfusion by her cousin, Bruce Banner, which gives her the power to transform into a wicked confident, totally bad-ass powerhouse called She-Hulk. Not only is she a fascinating counterpart to her angry rage monster of a relative -- unlike Bruce, she actually prefers being green -- but she's also an awesome character in her own right, who recently started her own law firm in the comics.

"Black Widow"


Marvel's been talking about the possibility of maybe doing a Black Widow movie for so long that at this point we're all just resigned to the idea that it might never happen. But the groundswell of support for Natasha Romanova has been so huge lately, especially in the wake of "Avengers: Age Of Ultron," that maybe they'll finally put it on the schedule and convince Scarlett Johansson to stick around long enough to do it. In the meantime, we'll be learning a whole lot more about the Red Room program on "Agent Carter," at the very least!

"Doctor Strange 2"

Marvel Comics


"Doctor Strange" is the next big gamble the studio is taking, because despite his popularity as a character back in the '60s, not a lot of people are that into the Sorcerer Supreme these days. But hey, nobody thought "Ant-Man" would get a sequel and that's a done deal now -- and he's got plenty of trippy mystical adventures that could play out on the big screen.


Marvel Comics


While we here at MTV News still think that the classic comic series "Runaways" would be much better suited to a TV show, a movie would also be pretty exceptional. It's the story of six teenagers who find out that their parents are supervillains and escape so they can figure out how to save the world together. Marvel's got an ensemble team-up series already in the form of the Avengers, but they don't have any teenagers yet (save for Spider-Man). It would be an interesting dynamic and a brand new direction for the franchise that they haven't gone in yet!

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