'Ant-Man' Is Getting A Sequel -- And That's Not All

Marvel Studios has updated their Phase 3 plans... And Phase 4!

Great news for fans of Marvel's "Ant-Man": the studio has just announced the movie is getting a sequel, with the unarguably awesome title, "Ant-Man And The Wasp." But that's just the tip of the iceberg with the announcement, that also shifts around a few other releases dates... And adds three more movies.

According to Marvel, "AMATW," which isn't an awkward acronym at all, will hit theaters on July 6, 2018. Not only that, but to make room, "Black Panther" will move to February 16, 2018, while "Captain Marvel" will move to March 8, 2019.

Oh, and three more films -- as of yet untitled, but sure to have amazing acronyms -- will follow on May 1, 2020, July 10, 2020 and November 6, 2020. This is presuming of course that we're not all dead by then.

What's most interesting about this, beyond the fact that this marks -- again, according to Marvel -- the first time a female character will get top billing (or second billing if you want to get technical) on a superhero movie, is the three mystery movies.

Technically, the Studio didn't specify that the 2020 movies are Phase 4, but Phase 3 was previously believed to end with "Avengers: Infinity War - Part 2" on May 3, 2019. That's when the assembled Marvel heroes all team up to take down big baddie Thanos (Josh Brolin). Or possibly have a tea party with him, because honestly we don't know a whole lot about that movie yet.

So what comes next? Will those three slots be used for more Iron Man, Captain America and Thor movies? Or are they holding spots for Captain Marvel/Doctor Strange/Black Panther sequels? Or something new entirely?

Whatever they are, one thing is pretty clear: superhero movies aren't going away for a looooong time.