Watch 'Lady Gaga: Inside The Outside' For The Gaga's Most Intimate Interview Ever

After much anticipation, Lady Gaga's exclusive MTV documentary, "Lady Gaga: Inside The Outside" finally aired last night. Over the course of the highly personal one-on-one interview, Gaga opens in a way we've rarely seen, talking about her childhood in New York City and her intense struggles to succeed in the music business. With all she's achieved in such a short time at such a young age, it's easy to forget she didn't hatch out of her space egg a fully formed diva, but Lady Gaga had to go to school and do her homework, just like everybody else.

One particularly poignant part of the documentary comes when Gaga discusses being bullied in high school. Although her teen life honestly sounds pretty good (nice parents, piano lessons, a musical household, living just a few blocks from Lincoln Center with a yearning to see what's below 60th Street), she experienced being ostracized when some mean boys from school decided it would be funny to pick her up and throw her in a trash can. "It took me to get to know my fans and to see similar struggles in them for me to access that wound in myself," she says, "and I think that in a way the fans have been a key to my heart, unlocking things in my self that I didn't wanna deal with that make me... a greater songwriter."

Gaga also discusses her intense connection with her family -- she reveals her family recipe for tomato sauce -- as well as her spiritual connection with her late Aunt Joanne and the effect of that connection on her relationship with her father.

In a moment in which we truly see Gaga unknowingly glimpse her future stardom, she talks about looking to Beyonce for inspiration after initially losing her record deal: "I remember watching Beyoncé and thinking 'oh, she's a star. I want that. I wanna be on MTV. And now I'm in music videos with Beyoncé."

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