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Lady Gaga Reveals Everything

From birth, she wanted to sing. In this exclusive and shockingly candid interview, she explains everything that happened since then. This is the Gaga interview you have to see.

Lady Gaga: The After-Show

Now that you've watched her intimate 'Lady Gaga: Inside the Outside' interview, react and discuss the show with Lady Starlight, Justin Tranter and other Little Monsters.

Photos Of Her Most Outrageous Hair

Lady Gaga's style can't be touched by anyone else.

'Farmville' Goes Gaga

Gagaville is just like Farmville. But the sheep ride rocket motorcycles.

Gaga Hits 10 Million!

Mother Monster is the first person to reach 10 million Twitter followers.

About Lady Gaga: Inside The Outside

  1. The documentary Lady Gaga: Inside the Outside, drops viewers and fans into the most intimate conversation with the world's biggest and most talented pop-star. Within this single, intimate portrait, Lady Gaga opens up in a way the world has never heard. She shares stories of her childhood, her family, her creative evolution, and her love affair with New York City. Snap-shots like this are a rarity. This is a moment in music history and will be sure to be a marker in time for Lady Gaga and her fans.