Lil Wayne, Juvenile And Mannie Fresh Are Making A Joint Album

According to Mannie Fresh.

Lil Wayne, Juvenile and Mannie Fresh are reuniting for a joint project. Mannie, who first broke the news, revealed the album is happening mostly because of the fans.

"It was a long time coming...The fans demanded this," Fresh told AllHipHop on Tuesday (Jan. 12). "To them, it’s iconic. People were like, 'This is what I want to see...It’s necessary that y’all come back and do this album.' And even show the planet that whatever was going on with us we can get over that and be brilliant businessmen as well as entrepreneurs and put some money on the table and watch the magic happen."

Last year, Juvenile spoke with MTV News about his bond with longtime producer Mannie and his former Hot Boys partner Wayne. At the time, he said Mannie was sending him beats.

“We’ve been rocking with Mannie Fresh all day,” Juvie said at the time. “Lately it’s been an Internet thing — him sending me some beats or something with his hook on it — we haven’t gotten in the studio like we usually do yet, but it’s coming."

When the interview was conducted, Weezy was embroiled in a major beef with label head Birdman. While Juvie's had past issues with Baby, he said he would stay out of the feud.

“[Wayne] gave me the same amount of respect,” Juvie said, noting that he’d stay out of the feud. “He stayed out of the way, he let it all resolve itself and I’m giving him the same respect.”

Together, Wayne, Mannie and Juvie made Cash Money history with solo work and material by Hot Boys and Big Tymers. They unleashed several hits like "Bling Bling," "I Need A Hot Girl" and "Tha Block Is Hot" through these collaborations. Over the years, label disputes tore the team apart, but now it seems they're ready for that highly anticipated reunion. With Wayne and Birdman apparently working on mending their relationship, who knows what will happen next.

Still, for now, it seems at least Wayne, Fresh and Juvie are on the same page, and that's good news for longtime Cash Money fans.