The 'Scream Queens' Carpet Was So Hot The Actual Devil Showed Up

Check out the blazing gallery of pics.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for "Scream Queens" -- and especially for the amazing pics from last night's red carpet premiere.

Lea Michele, Emma Roberts, Keke Palmer, and lots of Ryan Murphy's favorite famous people were on the scene to celebrate the best new, classic slasher series on TV -- not to mention a special appearance by the devil himself.

Also, Jaime Lee Curtis was representing, but she looked a little... stiff.

Check out the pics below.

Evan Peters was spotted lurking on the "Scream Queens" set this summer, and now he's at the premiere. Why? Dunno, but he looks killer.

Premiere Of FOX TV'

Finn Witrock: Nice outfit, but needs more underpants calisthenics.

Premiere Of FOX TV'

Pepper! Pepper pepper bo-bepper, banana fana fo fepper. (Also known as Naomi Grossman, who's super-cute without the bald cap and unibrow.)

Premiere Of FOX TV'

Matt Bomer clearly got the memo about tonight's color scheme.

Premiere Of FOX TV'

And here's Emma Robert! All hail the Scream Queen.

Premiere Of FOX TV'

Abigail Breslin went full-on Old Hollywood glam for her walk down the carpet.

Premiere Of FOX TV'

Skyler Samuels went for a fire-inspired bodice.


Lucien Laviscount has a talented tongue.

Premiere Of FOX TV'

Keke Palmer might have just made eye contact with the Devil...

Premiere Of FOX TV'

... who Lea Michele brought as her date.


Note the cardboard cutout of Jaime Lee Curtis.

Premiere Of FOX TV'

And here's Diego Boneta and the Devil,who are obviously bros.


"Scream Queens" premieres tonight, September 22, on FOX.

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