Camila Cabello Is Basically The Red Dancer Emoji In 'Havana' Music Video

So little time, so much drama

Grab some popcorn, because Camila Cabello's cinematic "Havana" visuals are finally here. She's been teasing a "double feature" since last August, and the wait was well worth it. This Dave Meyers-directed clip, which runs nearly seven minutes, has everything you could ever want in a drama and then some: a threesome, a proposal, a meet-cute between two strangers, a dude being slapped in the face, celebrity cameos, and a show-stopping dance by Cabello herself.

In fact, Cabello plays multiple characters in "Havana," starting with a telenovela star who walks in on her boyfriend's twin brother doing the dirty with her best friend, Maria, and the maid. Oh na na, indeed.

As if that wasn't scandalous enough, things get even steamier at the club, where Cabello later dons a slinky red dress to sing her heart out. Then she spots something — ahem, someone — she can't take her eyes off of, so they take their chemistry to the dance floor while Young Thug raps his guest verse. Your girl channels her inner dancer emoji, showing off some serious moves.

Meanwhile, another one of Cabello's characters is living her best life sitting at home with her abuelita and sister, respectively played by social media superstars LeJuan James and Lele Pons. In this scene, Cabello is so busy binge-watching that aforementioned telenovela, she forgets to leave her couch.

"I know you'd rather be home, but life isn't going to come knocking on your door," her abuelita says. "You have to go and find it." Now that advice certainly deserves a praying-hands emoji.

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