The Chainsmokers' 'Kanye' Video Is A Total Cinderella Story

The DJ/Producer duo release 'Maid in Manhattan'-style vid for their second single.

The Chainsmokers have released the video for their second single, "Kanye," and it's a cinematic experience somewhere between Maid in Manhattan and Cinderella.

The video, directed by Ike Love Jones, starts in a hotel room where a maid is scrubbing the floors outside of the bathroom where you can hear a snippet of conversation from The Chainsmoker's first single, "Selfie." Quickly, the maid realizes she doesn't want to scrub the floor -- she wants to be like Kanye, and she helps herself to the Selfie girls' fancy clothes and furs, and is soon out on the town with the other socialites.

After she's spent some time drinking champagne and wearing a tiara, the maid realizes the lifestyle isn't for her and makes her way back to her job at the hotel. We're not convinced that's what Kanye would do.

After the rampant success of "Selfie" the bar was set pretty high for The Chainsmokers' follow-up single, and this video is surprisingly down-to-earth.

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