The Chainsmokers Release A Song Called 'Kanye' And It's Exactly What You'd Think

'It's about owning it, no matter what you are doing.'

For anyone out there who has ever felt like they needed a little guidance in their quest to be like Kanye, look no further. The Chainsmokers have released their "#Selfie" follow-up, and it's all about how to be like Mr. West.

Stakes were high for whatever Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart released to follow their first massive and ubiquitous hit, and "Kanye" holds up.

"It’s about just owning it no matter what you’re doing,” Pall told Buzzfeed, explaining that Kanye should be thought of as an adjective, not a noun. “Whether you’re on top of the world partying in a penthouse or you’re driving an old car playing your favorite song, it’s about enjoying the moment you’re in and feeling like you’re the king.”

Alex and Drew built the track around Siren's vocals, and another 20-something anthem was born. So whenever you feel like you need a moment of self-empowerment, read through the lyrics and learn how to be more like Kanye.