'Victorious'’s Tori And Beck Reunited, And Jade’s Probably Planning Her Revenge

Tori better watch her back

Rejoice, Victorious fans, because another reunion just happened. Stars Victoria Justice and Avan Jogia, a.k.a. Tori and Beck, hung out on Thursday (November 17) and snapped a cute selfie sure to thrill Bori shippers everywhere.

The former Hollywood arts students with sexual tension rocked the sunglasses indoors look, and Justice posted the selfie to Instagram. "Missed you Av 😎 @jogia," she captioned, which is kinda perfect, since she had tweeted him "😊😜 miss you Av!" after he congratulated her on her Rocky Horror Picture Show premiere last month. See? Everything comes full circle eventually.

Naturally, fans lost their minds when they saw the BFFs back together again, with one fan ~passionately~ tweeting, "I LITERALLY SCREAMED IN JOY WHEN I SAW @VictoriaJustice and @AvanJogia TOGETHER AGAIN IN VIC'S SNAPCHAT!! 😍🙈❤." Same.

Justice also snapchatted their reunion, posting a video of her singing and trying to get Jogia to duet with her. His response is precious and would be Beck-approved. Jade is most definitely plotting her revenge right now.

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