Pussycat Dolls Fetch Fashion Freebies From Gwen, Good Charlotte

A-list celebs, designers converge at Grammy Style Studio.

HOLLYWOOD -- Kanye West isn't the only one with goals going into Wednesday's Grammys. He wants the Album of the Year while the Pussycat Dolls want, well, to avoid the worst-dressed lists.

"We want to be in the front pages of Us Weekly, not the back," Pussycat Melody Thornton deadpanned.

So where's a Doll to go when she needs to get dolled up? Enter the Grammy Style Studio, the third annual Recording Academy-sponsored gifting suite where A-list celebrities and designers converge for what is best described as a smorgasbord of free stuff.

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"Music and fashion go hand in hand for sure," Thornton said, inadvertently summing up the event, which kicked off Saturday and extends through Tuesday. And this year's Style Studio blends the two worlds more than ever, with Gwen Stefani, Beyoncé and even the Doors pushing their own products.

"We just got hooked up by Gwen," Thornton said as she juggled various L.A.M.B. tank tops, scarves and shoes in her tiny arms (see [article id="1509869"]"Gwen Previews New Songs, Clothing Line For Diddy, Kravitz, Others"[/article]). "I love everything Gwen. She's very fashion-forward. Everything she does is a step ahead."

While networking with designers and stylists is top priority, the Grammy Style Studio is also an opportunity for musicians to meet each other. Saturday was no exception: Thornton, for one, bumped into Tyrese, and within a few minutes was lobbying for a guest spot on his new double album.

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"You know, with all of these cameras taking pictures of us talking, we're all of a sudden a couple," the singer told her as dozens of photographers clicked away. "They're gonna say we were shopping together and -- what's that word? -- noodling."

"Canoodling," she replied, like a true Us Weekly aficionado.

Meanwhile fellow Doll Kimberly Wyatt tracked down Good Charlotte at the Ben Sherman booth to discuss a different sort of collaboration.

"Sure, we'd love to dress you," Benji Madden told her, referring to GC's Made Clothing. "As leaders of whatever fashion there is in our genre, we need to step it up and tell other bands what they should be wearing."

It's all about representing, of course, and there's nothing designers want more than the right celebrities repping for them.

"There's no better stamp of approval than an artist wearing your shirt or jacket at a concert for 30,000 people," Ben Sherman's entertainment marketing manager, Dana Dynamite, said. "I couldn't ask for anything more. Product placement is so key."

"It's all about how they feel in the product, so if they like it they're going to keep coming back," added Sara Murray of Stitch's Jeans. "I have clients who buy 12 pairs of jeans because they love the fit."

Loyalty comes later, though. At the Style Studio, it's all about maximizing your time. As Linkin Park's Joe Hahn, No Doubt's Adrian Young and Macy Gray worked their way from Pony shoes to Mia & Kompany jewelry to Elini watches, the Pussycat Dolls had their managers bringing bags out to their cars as they continued "shopping."

"It's all forms of self-expression," Wyatt said of her fashion. "And that's what the Pussycat Dolls are about: just putting your best foot forward and having fun and just being a girl."

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