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MTV's Most Memorable Lines Of 2014

'You're welcome.'

Unforgettable lines can be tough to come by, but lucky for us, the diverse lineup on MTV provided us with aplenty. From Sadie Saxton's glorious "you're welcome" to a desperate Scott McCall pleading for no more death in his spooky hometown on "Teen Wolf," all of the personalities and stars offered up lots of goodies. They made us howl, they made us smile, and sometimes, they made us feel a wee bit uncomfortable.

Take a look back at some of them, and weigh in on your favorites below!

Carmen's reason for duping her cousin Antwane on "Catfish."

Good thing the real Kelly Price had a refreshing attitude about the entire scenario.

Malia's favorite dinner food isn't quite what Stiles and Sheriff Stilinski expected on "Teen Wolf."

The Werecoyote's boyfriend proposed they should have pizza during their group meal -- instead of the doe-eyed mammal.

Kailyn Lowry's boy Isaac has a wedding game in mind on "Teen Mom 2."


The most precious groomsman in all the land asked one of the equally adorable flowergirls if she would be up for "playing sharks." Obviously, she accepted the cutie pie's offer.

Sadie Saxton's response for everything on "Awkward."

The HBIC did get a bit of competition for her catch phrase -- her underclassmen tried to upstage her standard line with a Spanish version -- but Sades still made sure to offer her comeback as often as possible to everyone in Palos Hills.

Johnny Bananas' epic reaction to beating Jordan in The Draw on "The Challenge: Free Agents."

The "Real World: Portland" alum was hellbent on taking out the "Challenge" champ -- so much so that he flipped over each card to guarantee himself a spot in a face-off with Bananas. Ultimately, "the bonehead move" didn't work out for Jordan, and he was sent home.

Lorenzo's magical trip to Mommy's old stomping grounds on "Snooki & JWOWW."

The tot was (obviously) too young to go to Karma, but the fam did have a memorable journey back to where it all began, Seaside Heights.

Con artist Adam's bold declaration on "Catfish"...

Shortly after he tricked John, and countless other people, he made a pretty big statement.

...which led to Max's fantastic response.

The silver fox dropped his camera on the floor and bolted out the door.

That sequence, featuring Amy and Karma on a camping trip, on "Faking It."


We still can't figure out what the hell happened during that dream, so when it comes to the state of Karmy's relationship, we'll have to wait until "Faking It" returns to get some answers.

All the reallys Max and Taylor need to describe their relationship on "Finding Carter."

Before Maxlor ended things on the season finale, they affirmed just how much they really liked each other -- which is practically exchanging "I love yous."

Simone accurately assesses what's going down in the "Are You the One?" house.


Leave it to the Season 1 sassy spitfire to hilariously analyze all of the hooking up that was happening in paradise.

Scott McCall can't keep witnessing the bloodshed in Beacon Hills on "Teen Wolf."

More than a few people/supernaturals bit the dust, and all of the loss was really starting to weigh on the Alpha. Ultimately, he vowed that nobody else would perish on his watch.

Jenni marvels at Roger's complete 180 after their daughter's arrival on "Snooki & JWOWW."

"Angel baby" will do that to ya!