Please Let Fifth Harmony’s ‘Not That Kinda Girl’ Be The New 'Ghostbusters' Theme Song

Can they join the cast of the reboot, too?

At long last, Fifth Harmony’s new album 7/27 has arrived, and one of their new tracks sounds suspiciously like it would make a great Ghostbusters theme song.

"Not That Kinda Girl" boasts retro production that calls back to ‘80s pop and R&B. It also features a fantastic guest verse from Missy Elliott, who’s currently hard at work (largely in secret) on her own comeback album.

If you’ve been watching the new Ghostbusters trailers on repeat, you might notice that the synthesizer sound used in “Not That Kinda Girl” sounds a lot like the synth from the movie’s theme song.

Is it just a coincidence? Or are Fifth Harmony in talks to join the all-female spook-fighting crew? Is Missy Elliott about to blast Slimer into Jello? We can only hope. (Fifth Harmony do have a lot of professional experience with slime, so it’s safe to say they’re well qualified.)

Either way, “Not That Kinda Girl” stands out on 7/27 as a strong contender for song of the summer.