'Catfish' Match: Are Zak And Garrett Really 'Perfect' For Each Other?

The two say it's true love

Catfish has yet to feature a love story this season -- that is, until Zak and Garrett. And let's just say their story is pretty special and will tug at your heartstrings.

During tonight's brand-new episode, Zak wrote to Nev and Max because he wanted to finally meet his Facebook friend-turned-beau Garret. The situation: The two men were falling for each other, with Zak gushing that Garret always knew what to say and had an "air of trust around him." But even so, he feared Garret was being untrustworthy. The issues: Zak offered to make the trek to Kansas but Garret backed out, Garrett's phone numbers unexpectedly changed (Garret claimed he forgot to tell Zak) and video chats on Garret's end always took place in the dark.

And then the MTV sleuths experienced their own alarm bells: As they were diving into their work, Garrett's social accounts were down. But when it came time for Zak and Garrett to finally meet, the latter gent was indeed the man in the photographs (much to everyone's relief). Garrett explained some things: He admitted he was keeping his guard up during FaceTime calls, and the Facebook/Instagram profiles went down because he was "terrified" after he learned about the MTV series' deep dive into his life.

"I didn't want to be vulnerable to another person," Garrett sincerely stated. "Falling for someone online and being vulnerable to them, it's kind of nerve-wracking."

As for the Kansas visit, Garrett's family told him to be their "straight son," and Garrett wanted the opportunity to become acquainted with Zak first. Since sparks were obviously flying, Nev and Max gave the two some much-needed alone time (but not before saying that they appeared to be "perfect" for each other as the guys held hands across a picnic table). Garrett revealed that his hesitation about pursuing a relationship was history -- and he went on to make a refreshingly honest confession.

And then a romantic lip-lock ensued.

At the one-month catch-up, Zak and Garrett appeared together (how often does that happen?!) from Delaware. Nev had to ask if they are in love, much to Max's embarrassment.

"I tell him all the time I love him," Garrett sweetly responded.

"We are perfect for each other," Zak added.

As for the future, Zak planned to sell his house to move closer to Garrett -- and everything seems to be coming up roses for the pair. But is this Catfish connection too good to be true, and are they just in the honeymoon stage? Or is this only the beginning of their everlasting love story? Vote below, share your thoughts in the comments and keep watching Catfish every Wednesday at 10/9c.

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