DMX Teams Up With Rage Against The Machine

'We Gonna Get It Right,' 'Here I Come' slated to appear on movie soundtracks.

DMX and members of Rage Against the Machine recently collaborated together,

and no, the result is not called "Communist Party up in Here."

"I got a rock joint," X bragged recently. "I did two songs with Rage

Against the Machine. One song is 'We Gonna Get It Right,' and the other one

is 'Here I Come.' I only met one of [the group members]. I pretty much got a CD and did the damn thing."

A management spokesperson in Rage's camp confirmed the collaboration, and DMX's spokesperson said the plan is to have "Here I Come" appear on the soundtrack to "Cradle 2 the Grave," which stars DMX and Jet Li. DMX's camp also hopes that "We Gonna Get It Right" will be featured on the soundtrack to MTV's "Jackass: The Movie," though that soundtrack has yet to be lined up. It has not yet been determined which of the two songs will also appear on the jagged-voiced MC's next LP, which he is now recording in Chicago.

Another rocker on the Yonkers-born line hurler's radar is Fred Durst. The

pair originally worked on the remix of Limp Bizkit's "Rollin'" with Redman

and Method Man. The two were supposed to link up again a few months ago on a

DJ Premier-produced song for a compilation disc of artists signed to DMX's

Bloodline Records label, but it still hasn't happened.

It's a smooth songstress, though, who DMX said might provide for the

sweetest collaboration. "I wanna work with Sade," X lightly growled. "I'd

love to work with her. We'll reach out."

And it'll probably happen, since X is tight with Sade's little sister, who

he's been hanging out with in Chi-Town. After finishing up the few songs he

started on there, the Dark Man will head back to New York to complete the

bulk of his upcoming album, his spokesperson said.

"The hood is here," X explained of his decision to record in Chicago.

"Everywhere I go, I gotta f--- with the 'hood. I want the 'hood close by. I

ride through and get a vibe."

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