Drake Gave His First Post-Diddy Fight Interview At The Raptors Game Last Night

At the second annual Drake Night for the Toronto Raptors.

Last week, reports came out that Drake and Diddy got into a fight at a club in Miami, sparked by Puff's allegation that Drizzy stole the "0-100" beat from him.

Drake then disappeared from Instagram for a few days -- a rarity for the feverish uploader -- and we haven't heard anything about the tussle from either to provide some clarity. But on Wednesday night, Drake did give his first post-fight interview during the Toronto Raptors' second annual Drake night.

Though he didn't address the incident -- nor was he even asked about it -- the Nothing Was The Same rapper sat with ESPN announcers Mark Jones and Jon Barry to talk about his love for and role with the Raps, his time hosting the ESPYs, and even try out a little play-by-pay.

He also made a bit of a slip. When Barry referenced Drake getting in some hot water for making a pitch during a concert for Kevin Durant to sign with the team, the franchise's Global Ambassador mixed up some names. "Sterling, that's my guy," he said. Donald Sterling, of course, is the ousted owner of the Los Angeles Clippers; David Stern, however, is the former 30-year commissioner of the NBA, who retired earlier this year; and then there's Adam Silver, the league's current commish.

Hey, all they're names start with "S."

He also touched, briefly and elusively, on what he's got on deck. "I'm working on some great things for the beginning of the year, just trying to keep people excited," the Young Money rapper said.

Things ended, of course, with a "'Started from the Bottom,' and he's here, folks," pun by Jones.

The full interview was up online briefly but then taken down, but you can watch the "Sterling" gaffe above, plus Drake hilariously announcing the team's lineup before tip below.