Cam'ron And Nicki Minaj Tell A Break-Up Tale On 'So Bad'

The music video for the song drops Wednesday.

Back in May, Cam'ron told MTV News that he'd have some huge names on his upcoming monthly 1st of the Month EP series -- from 2 Chainz to Wiz Khalifa. And on Tuesday (July 15), he released "So Bad," with arguably his most highly-anticipated collab: Nicki Minaj.

The song also features a hook from singer Yummy, who laments, "I really thought we coulda worked it out," over surprisingly upbeat production. Cam and Nicki, who each deliver one verse, take this narrative and run with it, rhyming about a relationship gone awry.

"I mean I love you, I'm frontin', the feeling's mutual/ But you ain't gettin' me back, man, you delusional/ I shoulda been left your ass, huh?/ Oh, that chickenhead you f--kin' wit'? Ask her," Nicki raps.

The track was originally released -- minus a verse from Ms. Minaj -- back in 2012. This version will appear on the upcoming 1st of the Month: Vol. 2.

The music video, which you can preview below, drops in full on Wednesday.

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