11 Burning Questions We NEED The ‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival To Answer

We've waited 8 LONG YEARS. We have very little chill.


That's how we've felt about "Gilmore Girls," the classic mother/daughter (and let's be real, grandmother) dramedy that taught us how to speak in nothing but witty quips delivered at a million miles an hour, since its premiere back in 2000.

For years, we've wished and hoped for a "Gilmore Girls" reunion. And for years, the cast has teased us to the point of cruelty -- it never happened, but it never really felt like it wouldn't happen. And now, our prayers have finally been answered: Netflix has inked a deal to revive the series for a limited run.


In between sobs of joy, we've compiled a list of the burning questions we NEED the new "Gilmore Girls" revival to answer. Let us know which ones we missed!

What happened to Richard Gilmore?

Richard Gilmore

First, let's address the sad truth: Richard Gilmore is no more. Sadly, the talented Edward Hermann passed away in 2014, and we simply cannot imagine another actor replacing him. We have full faith that the revival will handle the passing of Richard Gilmore gracefully, in the classy manner he fully deserves. Which leads us to...

Are Friday Night Dinners still a thing?

Emily Gilmore

We hope that Lorelai and Rory are still finding time in their busy schedules to attend obligatory super fun Friday Night Dinners at the grandparents' house. Because family bonding is important.

Did Dean ever get over Rory?


Ah, young love. Dean and Rory got together, then broke up, then got together again, then broke up again. Then, Rory lost her virginity to Dean, while he was married to another girl. Yikes. As first loves typically do, this situation eventually fizzled out, but poor Dean never really seemed fully over it. We hope he's moved onto a nice girl that's right for him, or maybe moved back to Chicago (and cut his hair).

Did Jess become a famous writer?


Sorry, Dean, but Jess was perfect, if not entirely emotionally stable (and who hasn't dated a Jess, you feel me). Maybe he and Rory never got back together, but we imagine that wherever Jess ended up, he's writing beautiful poetry about her.

Where's Logan?


At the end of Season 7, Rory denied Logan's marriage proposal. TBH, we never saw Rory as a Huntzberger -- clearly, she was destined for bigger things than becoming a trophy wife. After Rory hit the road with Barack Obama, where did Logan go? Back to London? New York? A strip club?

Do we get to meet Sookie's third kid?


During Season 7, Sookie became (accidentally, whoops) pregnant with her third child. And then, the series just up and ENDED, leaving us to wonder: Was it a boy? A girl? Just a food baby? We NEED to know, you know?

Did Lane ever become a famous drummer?

Lane Kim

Lane was basically the coolest, hitting the skins for Connecticut's raddest band, Hep Alien. Then, she married Zack, got pregnant, and her cool factor kind of faded. Truly, Lane seemed to get the short end of the theoretical drum stick, stuck at home with twin boys instead of touring the world as a famous musician. We hope she found some way to both be a mom AND make her dreams come true.

Did Paris Gellar ever find her chill?


We're guessing that'd be a 'no.'

Are Madeline and Louise currently living the good life?

Madeline and Louise

We're guessing that'd be a 'yes.'

Did Kirk ever move out of his mom's house?


By this point, we're hoping that Kirk and Lulu have started a little clan of weirdos all their own.

Did Luke and Lorelai have their happy ending?


The series ended with a kiss, but did Luke and Lorelai FINALLY get married? Did they have kids? Are they living together in that big house? WE ARE LITERALLY DYING OMG.

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