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'Gilmore Girls' Is Coming Back And We Will Follow Where It Leads

(It leads to Netflix.)

Typically, one would think of the holidays as peak season for miracles, but hold up, October is the new most magical time of the year. We say this, of course, because the plaques commemorating today will read, "October 19, 2015, The Day That The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival Was Finally More Than Just A Dream."

(More text than your typical commemorative plaque, but you'll just have to handle it.)

According to TVLine, sources have confirmed that Netflix has closed a deal to bring back a revival of the classic Amy Sherman-Palladino show, consisting of four 90-minute episodes.

The main players, most notably Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Kelly Bishop and Scott Patterson, are expected to return to the show.

Sherman-Palladino was not involved in the seventh and final season of "Gilmore Girls" -- could this return to the series correct the course and give Rory and Co. the endings they deserve? Are we finally getting those final four words?

For now, one word: AHHHHHHHH!