Rick Ross Is A Miami Heat Fan For Life, And Now He Has The Face Tattoo To Prove It

Not fair-weather fan, that's for sure.

Rick Ross is Miami for life. And now he's got the ink to prove it.

Rozay recently got the logo for the Miami Heat tattooed on his face, and tattoo artist Ian Griffith, who owns the shop Unroyal Ink and did the work on Ricky, posted a few flicks on his Instagram.

Though the shop is in New Jersey, Ross got the tat in Philadelphia -- and Philly native Meek Mill also got the MMG logo tatted on his hand.

Ross' decision to get the Heat logo isn't all that surprising, actually. He's a huge Miami sports fan -- often, he's courtside at games, and recently expressed interest in buying a portion of the Miami Dolphins -- and, despite LeBron James defecting from South Beach back to his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers this off-season, the Hood Billionaire rapper still has the utmost confidence in the squad.

“We most definitely finishing better than the Cavaliers,” he said in November. “I’ll put a 100 grand on that” (Miami is currently 15-20, while Cleveland is 19-16 -- but who knows what will happen between now and April).

"I've been tattooing for eight years and I've never tattooed someone who can sit and get tattooed as long as Ross," Griffith told MTV News, adding that it was his first time working with Ross, whom he met through Meek. "He's really the boss when it comes to these tattoos."

Ruhhhh! (Or is it hunh!?)

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