Kendall Jenner Shows Us What It's Like To Be Backstage At Chanel

While Kendall Jenner is remarkably busy during Fashion Week, she makes time to show the regular folk who don't get to attend shows or walk in them what it's like for one of the most in-demand models in the business. In New York, she revealed that her schedule is so full that she has to shave in cars. In a new video for Vogue Paris, she takes us behind the scenes at Paris Fashion Week, on the day of the Chanel show.

Things start off with breakfast—though, TBH, Kendall is way more relaxed about getting her croissants than I would be—and end with her discussing how much walking in Chanel means to her. She also discusses her introduction to the fashion industry—Marc Jacobs booked her for his NYFW show and, well, since then she's been everywhere.

Watch her highly fashionable day above.

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