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Every Single Outfit Kendall Jenner Wore During New York Fashion Week

So many lewks, so little time.

Kendall Jenner, part-time supermodel, full-time beautiful giraffe, has been wreaking havoc on New York Fashion Week in the best possible way. Not only did she take the runway by storm, but she gave NYC a parade of off-duty model 'fits that were absolute perfection. Kendall's NYFW might have been a li'l bit hectic, but girl still managed to give us all major closet FOMO.

How does she do it? Is there a secret Kardashian enzyme that allows them to function at superhuman speed? Does North pick out her outfits?! CAN KRIS JUST ADOPT ME ALREADY?!?!?

Those questions will most likely remain unanswered for now, so to kill time until they do, take a look at every single piece of drop-dead-gorgeous clothing Kendall strutted around in all week.

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    Is that high fashion model Kendall Jenner or a super chic nerd? The world may never know.

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    Walking for Givenchy like it ain't no thang.

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    Getting comfy for a quick dinner after the show.

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    Then it's mesh + leather at Givenchy's after party.

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    When in doubt, wear black-on-black.

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    Nicki Minaj isn't the only fan of Kendall's appearance at the Diane Von Furstenberg show.


    Not sure how she ate anything with those furry sleeves, but BEHOLD the return of Kendall's SKANT!

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    With a black and white striped blazer and an understated pair of black heels, Kendall looks every bit the app-launching businesswoman she was born to be.

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    Not to O.D. on Nicki Minaj references in this, but it's clear Kendall Jenner can get Michael Kors.

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    This is what you wear when your sister is celebrating her magazine cover.

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    Has a basic gray tee ever looked this cool?????

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    Simple 'n chic at the Harper's Bazaar Icons Party.

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    Kendall's red and black number at the Calvin Klein fashion show is even more of a reason to try out colorblocking for yourself.

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    Kendall closed out her work week with this Marc Jacobs runway ensemble, which is a major step up from my Casual Friday look.