14 Movie Titles That Lie

"Snakes on a Plane" may not have ever lived up to the hype, but it remains one of greatest movie titles of our time. (Or the opposite of "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium.")

Why? Because it's bold, colorful and, most of all, tells you exactly what you're going to get: snakes on a muthaf**kin' plane. Maybe the only more apt or remotely better title would have been "Samuel L. Jackson Versus Snakes on a Plane."

That's a mouthful, but it still would've told it like it is. Unlike these dirty liars (updated with the latest offender, "The Lone Ranger").

Not alone at all. He has a sidekick, who's actually more like the main character.

Actually 108 minutes.

Actually 1.5 hours.


Not even a mention of their baby until the 82-minute mark.

There are no lambs.

There is no cat.

Not really much blood.

Takes place mostly in Minnesota.

He was from Wales.

Spoiler alert: Proved possible.

Spoiler alert: Ultimately touched.

Yes it is.

Wasn't the last exorcism.

Your turn. (Add some more in the comments section below.)

Originally published Jan. 30, 2013.